• Free download java game Frogmixer on your mobile phone!


    This is not lucky frog. This frog climbed into the mixer. It was a big mistake. What will happen if anybody will activate the mixer?
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Crazy Fireworks 2010 on your mobile phone!

    Crazy Fireworks 2010

    Connect different pieces of the bickford fuse. The objective is connecting all petards. The bickford fuse is burning, so connect pieces quickly.
    • Logical
  • Free download java game War Diary: Burma on your mobile phone!

    War Diary: Burma

    You have to help the protagonist, young lieutenant, get the win in battles of the cruel war in 1943 - 1945. You'll command the military units of Allies in jungles.
    • Strategy
  • Free download java game Tom and Jerry: Mice labyrinth on your mobile phone!

    Tom and Jerry: Mice labyrinth

    Your favorite cartoon characters in your cellphone now! Help Jerry to collect cheese and pieces of other food.
    • Logical
    • Casual